Submitted and in preparations:

  • Curvature dependent surface tension of bubble nuclei in silicate melts (In preparation)

Hajimirza, S., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E.

  • Quantifying the water to melt ratio in hydromagmatic fragmentation during subglacial eruptions (In preparation)

Jones, T.J., Moreland, W.M., Hajimirza S., Gonnermann, H.M., Thordarson, T

  • Experimental verification of continuous bubble nucleation in rhyolite (In review)

Hajimirza, S., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E.

  • The shape of volcanic conduits inferred from bubble size distributions (In review) [preprint]

Hajimirza, S., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E.


  • The 2018 reawakening and eruption dynamics of Steamboat Geyser, the world’s tallest active geyser (PNAS) [PDF]

Reed, M.H., Munoz-Saez, M., Hajimirza, S., Wu, S., Barth, A., Girona, T., Rasht-Behesht, M., . White, E.B., Karplus, M.S., Hurwitz, S., Manga, M.

  • Reconciling bubble nucleation in explosive eruptions with geospeedometers (Nature Communications) [PDF]

Hajimirza, S., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E.


  • Magma decompression rate correlates with explosivity at basaltic volcanoes - Constraints from water diffusion in olivine (J. Volcanology and Geothermal Res.) [PDF]

Barth, A., Newcombe, M., Plank, T., Gonnermann, H.M., Hajimirza, S., Soto, G.J., Hauri, E.

  • Predicting homogeneous bubble nucleation in rhyolite (J. Geophysical Res.:Solid Earth) [PDF]

Hajimirza, S., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E., Giachetti, T.

  • Bubble coalescence and percolation threshold in expanding rhyolitic magma (Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems) [PDF]

Giachetti, T., Gonnermann, H.M., Gardner, J.E., Burgisser, A., Hajimirza, S., Early, T., Truong, N., Toledo, P.


  • The impact of dissolved fluorine on bubble nucleation in hydrous rhyolite melts (Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta) [PDF]

Gardner, J.E., Hajimirza, S., Webster, J.D., Gonnermann, H.M.